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Fall Wedding Centerpieces: Types and Things to Consider

When planning a wedding, it is vital to remember that your decorations should make the time of the year. Fall wedding centerpieces will obviously work exceptionally well for fall weddings. Truthfully, there are many different centerpieces that work for fall weddings and some work for all weddings. This guide will specifically layout the centerpieces that are best for the fall!

The Benefits of Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of the year, when the leaves begin to change and the weather begins to get a little more comfortable. The hot temperatures begin to drop and this makes things a little more bearable. At the same time, the scenery begins to get more colorful. Fall and spring are undoubtedly two of the most comfortable and relaxing seasons. During this time of the year, you will not have to worry a whole lot about snow or ice.

Although the weather will ultimately vary from location to location, the information above is usually true. If you’re looking for a colorful wedding, the fall is an excellent time to host it!

Make Your Centerpiece Match

Since you’re content with holding a fall wedding, it is absolutely imperative to make sure that you make your centerpiece perfectly match. Although you can check out the fall wedding centerpieces, there are a few simple guidelines that can make the process a little bit easier. First and foremost, you should remember that this time of the year is often associated with the earth and harvest. Therefore, you will want to incorporate earthy items, such as wood and vegetables.

When putting fall wedding centerpieces together, it is a good idea to make sure that you use earthy colors, as well. Browns are perfect, but it is also possible to use other colors, such as oranges and different shades of yellow. Of course, whites work well for almost all weddings and can easily be used too.

A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Although there are some Thanksgiving centerpieces that are only suitable for Thanksgiving, some are also perfect for your fall wedding. With this in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to use Thanksgiving decorations and items in your centerpiece’s display. Remember that pumpkins work well. If you’re able to find several different sizes of pumpkins, you will be able to stack them directly in the center of the table. This will relate perfectly to the fall and will also be very attractive. Be sure to decorate the area surrounding this decoration though!

Bare Is Beautiful

There is no doubt that beautiful flowers work exceptionally well as centerpieces. Of course, you can also use bare stems and twigs. If you’re able to set these up in the right manner, you will have an excellent fall wedding centerpiece. Make sure that you find some very long twigs. Grab ten or twenty of them and select the best ones. After this, you can easily stick them in a vase or even a clear glass. This type of decoration will work very well with the fall scenery and your other fall decorations.

Although they can be used bare, you should also consider tossing some other decorations into the equation. Using twine or ribbon always works well. These items can be thrown around the stems. On the other hand, you should consider using moss. Moss will fit your fall wedding to perfection and will give your bare twigs a little more elegance. Most of these items are easily obtainable and can be collected for free, which is definitely a plus for most people.

Keep it Simple

Some couples will be interested in toning down their centerpiece and making it a little condensed. This is a wonderful option for the fall and will help to keep everything controlled. For a very simple centerpiece, you will want to consider using pinecones, candles, twigs and other items that can be collected from the great outdoors. By using brown or white candles, they’ll fit the overall arrangement perfectly. This type of centerpiece is wonderful for classic, traditional weddings.

Glass Punch Bowl

There are so many items, craft accessories, and natural elements that can be enveloped into fall wedding centerpieces. The clear glass punch bowl will definitely make a wonderful base for your centerpieces. You will need to start a supply list for this DIY project including dried popcorn kernels, red kidney beans, green lentils, and burlap rope twine. Dark orange/red 3 x 3” and 4 x 4” pillar candles will also be required to complete the arrangement.

The first step in the assembly process is to pour 1 cup dried yellow corn kernels into the bottom of the glass punch bowl, and then follow up with 1 cup of the red kidney beans and green lentils. Sit the orange candle into the mixture and then cut 2 long strands of the burlap rope twine, and tie them into a bow around centerpieces. You will repeat this process, until you have completed the number of centerpieces that you need to fill your reception tables.

Use a dark brown or burgundy table runner, as a base for your beautiful fall wedding centerpieces. Toss down some fall flowers, so the arrangement has the appearance of the fall season.

Olives and Grapes

If you want to stick with the fall theme closely, you’ll want to consider using foods that have been grown in nature. Olives, grapes and cranberries will work very well for fall wedding centerpieces. Of course, you won’t want to toss them out on the table, without a little coordination. Instead, you will want to make sure to place a big platter plate in the center of the table. After this, you will be able to stack up all of these wonderful edibles. By throwing some apples into the arrangement, you will have an even more colorful display.

It is possible to make the display much more attractive, by using the complimentary colored items around it. Small little vases and floral displays work exceptionally well, as long as they are the right colors. Red roses and similar flowers are perfect and will look adorable!

Woods and Wood

Remember that the fall is often associated with outdoors and nature. Therefore, you will want to incorporate these things into your wedding’s centerpiece. Using wood is a good way to do this! If you’re able to find some small logs and tiny twigs, it will be very charming for your wedding. If you’re able to bore out a small log, you will be able to turn it into a candle holder. This can actually solve two different purposes, at once and will bring a beautiful light to your centerpiece.

Red and Green Apples

If you want to bring a little bit of life and energy to your fall centerpiece, you will be able to do so very easily with red and green apples. The combination will work very well together thanks to the complimentary colors. By using these two apples, you will be able to create something absolutely adorable. Of course, you might want to use a container, such as a bucket or bowl. For fall weddings, a nice little basket will work well! Just make sure that the apples are perfectly positioned and easily visible to give your guests something beautiful to look at!

Pumpkins and Gourds

Visit your local flea or vegetable market and purchase some plain dried gourds. These should be plentiful during this this fall season, because they are so popular. Once you collect your gourds, you will need to coat them with an oil based spray paint, you may need to repeat the process several times, in order to receive a thick shiny coat, but make sure that you allow the paint to dry, before applying another coat.

You will need a file and a Dremel cutting tool for this project. Take a pencil and cut out a 4” diameter hole out of gourd’s back, near the bottom. Take the Dremel and place holes in a circular pattern all the way around the gourd. Make about 4 rolls of holes, so the candlelight will be able to illuminate through them.

Once you have this task completed, you will need to sit a votive candle inside of the gourd. You can arrange these on your reception tables, dark pathways, and down the venue aisle. Fill small woven baskets with gourds of all colors and sizes and sit them on the table, as well.

You can also purchase a couple of pumpkins and stencils, so you can create some spooky decorations. Just use your imagination and you will definitely create the best fall wedding centerpieces ever.


Truthfully, there are many different fall wedding centerpieces to choose from! Any of the above mentioned centerpieces should work perfectly for your upcoming fall wedding. However, there is no one that can tell you which one to use. This is ultimately a personal decision that you will need to make on your own. After you have, you’ll be able to move on to the next big challenge, before you get to enjoy that magical day!

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