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Indian Wedding Favors: Choosing Favors For an Indian Wedding

Are you currently working to design an Indian wedding? If this is the case, you shouldn’t forget the importance of the Indian wedding favors! These items are tremendously important! It is vital to show your guests that you appreciate their participation and there is no better way to do this than be giving them some scrumptious or practical favors. For Indian weddings, it is acceptable to follow the traditions. With this in mind, you will be able to discover tips for choosing Indian wedding favors below.

About Indian Weddings

Before getting into the favors, it is vital to take the time to explore the basics of the Indian wedding. Truthfully, not all Indian weddings are the same. These weddings can have many differentials, which vary depending on your religion, language and ethnicity. The majority of weddings for Indians are broken down into an assortment of different sections, such as the pre ceremony and the wedding day ceremony. If you’re interested in sticking with the traditions, you will want to make sure that you set out to follow these same guidelines.

Indian Style Treats

During your wedding, you will want to make sure that your guests are able to indulge on some delicious treats! You don’t want your guests to get hungry, during the wedding. With this in mind, you should consider giving out Indian style treats, as your Indian wedding favors. There is an assortment of different treats that will work very well in this type of situation! As long as your guests will enjoy the treats, you can guarantee that they’ll be thankfully you provided. Plus, they’ll be held over sufficiently, until the wedding dinner is served!

If you’re looking for something sugary, you’ll want to consider sticking with the Balushahi. This is an incredibly delicious snack that your guests will definitely enjoy! For those that hail from Southern India, it is wise to choose the Mysore pak! This is a very delicious dish that will undoubtedly satisfy your guests. This delicious little treat was originally prepared in the kitchen of the royal Mysore Palace! With that fact, you can guarantee that the food is very satisfying.

Finally, you should also consider the delicious coconut laddu, or ladoo. If your guests are Indian or enjoy coconut, they’ll devour the treat, before the wedding has ended. As long as you take the tastes of your guests into account, you will easily be able to find something that will satisfy them to no end!

Mango Chutney Wedding Favors

If you are having an Indian wedding, you will want to give your guests a wedding favor that says as much. Mango chutney is a delightful delectable that everyone just adores. You should incorporate this into your wedding favors. You can purchase mini jars from your local department store and fill them with the homemade mango chutney. Seal the lid tight and tie a beautiful bow on the top.
Everyone will definitely appreciate this useful gift. You can place it in veil fabric to give it a little pizzazz, if you choose.

Elephant Candle Favor

The elephant symbolizes “good luck” and that is why you should incorporate this good luck charm into your wedding favors. You can purchase them off of the Internet at a very affordable price. The candleholder is constructed out of poly resin and painted with innumerable colors including green, cranberry, gold, and white. The elephant has a decorative rug on his back, which holds the candle.
The measurement of the elephant candle is as follow 3” W x 2.25” H, which is the perfect size. You can place this beautiful creation into a sachet bag and seal it with a gift tag.

Decorative Elephant Favors

Indians are totally aware of the good luck and prosperity that the Elephant can bring! With this in mind, you will want to consider giving your guests some beautiful elephant decorations. These are made from very sturdy and durable poly resin, which will never let you down! They’re also available in an assortment of different colors, including blue, purple, red and brown. Each specific decoration will bless your loved ones with something good, such as good luck, wealth or happiness!
These items are tremendously adorable and can be purchased for as little as fifteen dollars a piece! Of course, you can easily shop around to find better deals and a wider selection. Either way, when it comes to Indian wedding favors, you cannot fail, if you stick with the elephant.

Personalized Indian Soda Favors

If you are having a summer wedding, your guests will definitely be in need of a lot of cold beverages. India is extremely hot and it is not unusual for the temperature to reach up into the mid 90’s during the daylight hours. You should take this tidbit and envelop the personalized Indian soda into your wedding favors.
If you want to please your guests’ taste buds, you should place the sodas into a bowl of ice, so they will be cold and ready for them to enjoy. Just place the bowls on the reception table and nestle the bottle into the ice, so they will have adequate time to chill, before the guests enter the reception hall.

Indian Coaster Holder

The coaster holder is a handy décor that will protect your guests’ tables from water damage. The coaster is constructed out of brass and enamel, with a good luck elephant placed in the center. These will definitely fit into any home décor and will be very beneficial for everyone.
Just place the coaster on the reception tables and allow your guests the opportunity to utilize them during the wedding reception. The coaster will also be a wonderful addition to your reception tables. You also have the option of placing them in a silver, satin poltli bag, so they will be lovelier than ever.

Sandalwood Fan Favor

Indian weddings call for a lot of tradition. If you really want to show your guests some their traditional customs, then you should consider giving them a sandalwood fan, as their wedding favor. They are really going to appreciate this traditional favor. These favors are great, because they are something that can actually be utilized at the wedding, especially, if you plan on hosting a wedding during the summertime. Instead of your guests just sitting there in the blazing sun, they can whip out these weddings favors and cool themselves down.

Rose Water

Nothing says an Indian wedding better than rose water. Your guests will really like this wedding favor. You could include a small sized bottle of rose water, in a box with the wedding gift card. When your guests open the box, they will be hit with that succulent smell of roses and immediately fascinated by your creativity. This is also a gift that is going to be very useful for the family that receives it.

Scented Candles

Just about everyone has a candle or two throughout their home. This is why the scented candle is the perfect favor for any wedding guest. Your guests will be able to take the candle home and start using it immediately. A good flavor that you might want to consider is the spiced jasmine flavored candle.

Handmade Soap

Everyone uses soap and that is what makes handmade soap the perfect favor for any wedding, but it works especially well for Indian weddings. You will find that handmade soap can be infused with many different items like rose petals, sugar, or just about anything else you could image. It is even possible that you could have your initials imprinted on the soap. When giving soap, as a wedding favor you can be assured that it is going to be used time and time again.

Tea and Biscotti

Everyone loves tea and biscotti and this is why it makes the prefect favor for any Indian themed wedding. All you have to do is get a variety of your favorite teas and place them in a sachet bag, along with the biscotti. Every day at 5 P.M. your guests will be reminded of you and your special day.


Weddings are all about family. So if you or someone you know makes a great homemade preserve, you could incorporate this delightful treat into your wedding favors. One great thing about preserves is that they are not affected by the hot weather like chocolates.


When attempting to plan your Indian wedding, you will want to make sure to bless your Indian relatives with the most amazing Indian wedding favors! By choosing items that perfectly represent your heritage and these customs, you will be able to guarantee success and complete happiness.

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